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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...Great plum color

Great etsy finds in plum!  Plum is in the analogous range on the color wheel, making it a good choice to combine with light blue. Plum is also a classic autumn color: fruity and fresh, it brings to mind berries at harvest. Combine this with a jeweled green for a harmonious look. Which pick is your favorite?

 Head wrap by irisi

Knitted tank by kloseknit

Necklace by briguysgirls

Bracelet by GracefullyGirl

Bag by olivetreetextiles

Fingerless Gloves by LazyTcrochet


  1. Very nice picks! I love that plum bag, delightful!
    Eileen ♥

  2. Such lovely items in a perfectly lovely color! Thanks so much for featuring my flower bracelet. Kimberlee

  3. Isn't this a lovely color...it's my favorite now. Thank glad you girls liked it!

  4. This color is beautiful and perfect for Autumn!
    I love the flower bracelet and the purse - Beautiful : D

    We are very right to have wonderful husbands that sacrifice everything for us : D

    Ha! So you laughed at my water bug story!!!
    It is kind of funny especially because I was in the horror section when that happened. Boooo! Very spooky : D

    Kary xoxo


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