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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...If Etsy was my closet...

If Etsy was my closet this is what I would wear today...

 Lovely retro dress in merlot color by MichelleTan

 This great looking wool cardigan by sandmaiden

Some vintage black leather boots such as these by burlapbikini 

This wonderful leather purse by infiniteabbys

A nice little flower for my hair! Headband by KarolinasBows

While I'm at it I'd also get my this gorgeous looking Pocket Watch Pendant by GwenDelicious

I know, I know its Wednesday so all I need is a babysitter and my husband to ask me on a date!


  1. Well hopefully you're husband will see what you came up with and organize a sitter. Thank you!

  2. I think all the Items will go lovely together! great choices! :)

  3. Thank you very much Amanda and Michelle!

  4. what a great outfit, i love the little floral headband!

  5. I luv it all!!! Now take a picture of you wearing it all.


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