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Friday, November 29, 2013

AAAAIIIIEEEE!! Busy week in pictures.

The Holidays are such busy times, and they are here.
This past week was such a busy week for me even though the kids and husband had a whole week off.

My husband's little red truck just quit on him on the middle on the freeway last week 40 miles before getting to his destination uughh!  The truck is 20 yrs old so we cannot expect much from it really.
The kids and I had to drive to San Diego to go pick him up on Friday since the truck was towed to the mechanics. I picked them up from school a bit early to avoid rush hour.  Unfortunately it rained almost all the way.  I hate driving in the rain.
But then right when we get to San Diego it was sunny!  You can see the Pacific Ocean right on this picture.  It all worked out since my husband worked on Saturday I got to spend all day at my mom's. The we drove back to Hemet Saturday night.

Sunday really felt like a Saturday.  It was like the weekend got shortened.   
My husband and the kids had the whole week off school and work like I mentioned earlier.
 Xavi signed up for a sort of fun school camp on Monday from 8-12 pm he came home all excited and happy from all the fun things he did including a puff car.
He came home and perfected it with a roof.  He used up all of my deco tape oh well :/
it came out cute or so I believe.
My husband prepared a wall so that when Xavi came back from camp they had a small painting session and some male bonding.  I was happy to see some of that blue gone, it was here when we bought the house and to get rid of it basically it all comes down to money.  Although they did not entirely finished some progress was done :)

Then on Tuesday my mother in law came to visit. It's always fun to spend time with the family. 
I was also able to squeeze a couple of bike rides during the week during the chilly mornings.  It's nice to see leaves falling and the gorgeous colors on the trees.

For Thanksgiving we drove to San Diego to my brother's, him and his wife just bought a new house and we celebrated there.
 It was so funny when I asked what time is the turkey ready everyone pointed to the sign on the wall.
This was the fried one and it came delicious nom nom!
These two are my niece and nephew.  They are fourteen years old.   Their mothers were pregnant (now my ex sisters in law) with them when they attended my wedding back in 1999. 
It's just ridiculous how short I am :(  ugghh!
After Thanksgiving feast we crossed the border to Mexico to celebrate some more at my father in law's.  There were some of my husband's aunts, uncles and cousins.
It was nice to spend time with them and catch up.
We spent the night there.

It is not your imagination but my camera had a fingerprint on the prior two pictures :(
What is a trip to Mexico without eating tacos?
Of course we stopped this morning for some breakfast.
If you've been in Mexico you know you have to experience eating tacos on the street.
I highly recommend it.  This taco stand was full for a reason. 
Then we headed to the border and drove back to Hemet.

I feel really blessed because I live 1 1/2 hours away from my native country.
I can get the best of both worlds.
I have a Cuban neighbor and I am pretty sure he cannot say
I had breakfast in Cuba and dinner at home in the US.
I do! I am able to say I had breakfast in Mexico and dinner in the US.

So this is how I spent my week, full of family food and excitement.  For all of these simple things I give thanks even for the little broken red truck.

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
and are enjoying your Holidays.

As far as Black Friday, no not for me.  I've never been shopping on a Black Friday.
Even though temping I hate abusing plastic!


  1. Hi Claudia,
    I'm glad to hear you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving...minus the truck breakdown of course! I know what you mean with the height. Jim's son is 14 and now taller than me! Jim grew up living in different parts of the country and used to live right by the Mexican border. His family used to drive to get the best tacos there! I have only visited Mexico via cruise ports but would love to spend a little time there soaking in the culture and the vegetarian offerings! I have to convince Jim that there are safe parts to visit! :)

    1. Yes there are safe places in Mexico Miss Val I hope one day you make it there :)

  2. Wow, you all look really busy! I love driving in the rain. Well, my Daddy is driving but we love it! Happy thanksgiving!!

  3. Claudia, I like the puff car! I can see Xavi's three-dimensional spatial reasoning just like with the cool gift box he made for you a long while back.

    Thank you so much for your comments on my blog! They are really encouraging as I get back into writing. Glad to see a report of your Thanksgiving and that you celebrated on both sides of the border! : )


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