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Friday, November 15, 2013

While I was out...Xavi

Before this get too be old news this is one last post about while I was out. 
I caught Xavi #loverboy copying a love letter off the computer! The little rascal!

He thinks he is all grown up and writes loves letters for the girls.  He always talks about a future.  He wants to have a normal wife, normal job, normal house, normal car and normal kids.  Just last night while I was putting together this post he told me.
"This is a bad world we live in, that's how it is.
That's why I believe in God so that he can help me."
Hearing those words come out of his little mouth warmed my heart.
This momma had to add it to her little blog :)
He bought this notebook with the coins he earned at school for being a good student and turning his work on time.  Sometimes he spends his money on his friends. He is a kind boy.
I say he needs to work on his spelling a little harder ha ha.
One of the greatest satisfaction for me  is when I see him go up on stage in the multipurpose room to get a math and spelling recognition award.  My son likes math and can put 2 and 2 together.  He is very interesting in learning his times tables and division facts.  
As far as spelling sometimes he misses those silent e's. 

"My Not Book"

I treasure those misspelled words!


  1. Congrats on his award!! He's adorable. "My not book" :)

  2. Xavi is so sweet! Little does he know that "normal" anything doesn't really exist. He will learn that with time. LOL. It is so adorable that he is already planning is perfect life out. :) He has plenty of years to work on that spelling!

  3. :) :) :)
    You make my days brighter with such posts!

  4. Aww, he is so cute -- the girls will be flocking lol! Perhaps the Not book is his collection of naughty things he will Not do, or bad habits he will Not pick up :)


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