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Thursday, November 14, 2013

While I was out

While I was out Lola got a new puppy brother.  He is an 8 month old German short haired pointer. 
His name is Lucky.

Yay now she has someone to play with! or someone to brother because I think she annoys him too much.
and has someone to cuddle...they look so cute when they take a nap together. 
 I gotta take a picture one of these days.
You see this is fake grass on our side of the house.
They also get into mischief together although I doubt Lola had anything to do with pulling the fake grass to the concrete she is such a doll.
and I also doubt Lola buried Lucky's bone...in my plants :(
We went for a walk out in the fields but Lola got so unruly that Sophia had to carry her because she was so excited and just ran off like crazy! 

Every time I go out to my backyard I wonder what new things they have been getting themselves into.  Because I learned the hard way not to leave shoes or towels outside.
I now have to plan a pet friendly backyard...because these two own it now.
But really pets are totally worth it don't you think?


  1. Lucky is adorable. How cute! And yes pets are totally worth it indeed :)

  2. Congratulations on your growing family. It is a riot when you have 2. Mine kitties are the same way, fighting, playing, being devious and cuddling together. Total brother and sister even though they are not related!

  3. Lucky and Lola are so adorable! Pets bring so much to our lives, not least of which is entertainment, lol.

    Claudia, thank you for the comment you left on my post, it means so much to my family and I.

  4. Oh, I just adore them! The real House Spirits, even if they get a bit waggish sometimes ;) If I could I would live with a total zoo! (I think we are slowly getting there?..)


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