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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...

Todays post I will dedicate it to my kitchen!  Hey I'm on a row here lately it's been  me, me and me only!  Sometimes "me" it's a good thing right??  ; )

Most of the time you have things and don't appreciate them enough.  My mom used to have yellow and  green colors and our walls and furniture when we were growing up!  I remember we had a green avocado color refrigerator!  Well back then I used to say yucky color!  When do we get rid of this??  Now thanks to the magic of  etsy  I'm browsing to find retro kitchen items.  This is what I found.

I found this great sunshine marigold retro square tablecloth  in a gingham fabric with two floral appliques that is sure to brighten up my kitchen and give the feeling of an ongoing picnick.   Tablecloth by tuwhittuwhoo.

 Here is a great set of four colorful plates by LynnwoodPorcelain and I am sorry girls retro on not I love the colors!  Only I need one more or someone in my house will eat off a paper plate ji ji ji!  Aren't they lovely!

Talking about funky and color!  Here is a tupper plate made into a clock by IMOTIME, and I do have to say this shop has the greatest variety of clocks in display check it out!

Ohhh!  I just fell in love with this sunny yellow chocolate set of mugs!  Now,  I am hot chocolate drinker my husband can sip on his coffee while we watch a movie!  This set by ConfettiGarden.

While is it true I do not drink coffee at all!  I do enjoy a cup of tea.   Let it be natural or green tea (because of all the antioxidants) Well this is the cutest teapot that will certainly serve its purpose!  My husband will join me for tea time I'm sure...teapot by merrymayfarm.

Ohhhh!  I love love this basket!  I could not resist adding this berry basket to my retro kitchen collection because my kids love, love and love strawberries!  I can display strawberries in my kitchen, well that is just a saying because most of the time the basket would be actually empty!  Any strawberry that last more than a couple of hours in my house is lucky!  Basket by crosseyedcrickets.

Well, what do you think about my kitchen and my picks??  Yes I know you would like it!  Now let's  see what my husband thinks about that!


  1. What great finds! My parents had the avocado green appliances as well! I love the color now, but then, not so much.

  2. Well then you're one of mine Miss Val! I was just like that too!

  3. Great choices! But I'm sorry to say that - Im stealing those 4 colorful plates ; D. Son mios!!!! -Lol-


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