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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Even more facts about me

1.  I like my eggs scrambled
2.  I do not eat shrimp
3.  I've never tried sushi (don't really want to!)
4.  Don't know how to swim
5.  I have a small gap in my front teeth


  1. gaps are pretty (madonna/jewel) i don't eat shrimp either but i love me some sushi!

    i don't know how to swim either.

    and i like my eggs over easy with toast.


  2. Hola Claudia ; D how was your weekend amiga? Did you guys go to seaworld to celebrate your babys b-day? I love reading your facts- I don't know how to swim either - me ahogo! Me ahogo! I've never eaten sushi and I hardly ever eat shrimp I sometimes get allergic reactions! I could eat eggs almost anyway except runny! And eres muy Bonita gap or no gap ; D

  3. I am so glad I found you both girls we do have a lot of similarities! yes Kary! We did go to Sea World on Sunday! Super busy weekend!!! Will blog about it this week!


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