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Monday, September 13, 2010

Five more facts about me.

 Here are five more facts about me.  Would you like to share some of your facts?  Any opinions, suggestions, comments, congratulations etc. are very much welcomed!

1.  I am a meat lover.
2.  I bite my nails.
3.  I am a 36C
4.  My favorite flower are tulips
5.  My favorite fruit are nectarines


  1. My favorite fruit is watermelon, i' m afraid of whales ; ( , I love silver , I wish my nails didn't break easily, I love rice and beans ; ). I love all your facts and learning more about you. Miguelito bites his nails also!!!

  2. Oh Kary! I am learning about myself too! last week I had a lot of facts down and yesterday while typing I couldn't remember them! I guess another fact is that I have Alzheimer's now ! lol...

    I've never been able to stop biting my nails, they're so fragile and also break very easily that I rather bite them off. My hands don't look ugly nasty. Every new Year's resolution...but it doesn't work. I hope Miguelito could stop.

    I also like watermelon but I have memories about when we were kids my mom would give us slices and take us outside to eat it so we wouldn't spit the seeds inside the house. Can't blame the lady! She had three little ones...So now I only eat it cut up in cubes, on a plate and with a fork! ah!

    Talking about whales, we're going to Sea World in San Diego for our son's 4th Birthday at the end of the month. So beware Kary there will be whale pictures! (hopefully)

    Thank you Kary and have a great day!

  3. Alzheimers-lol- I have that too.... I forget everything.... Always running around.. My nails are also so weak, just when I think they are getting long enough... Split right on the edge, but for some reason I don't bite them off. I think Miguelito gets it from his daddy ; ) tsk.. Tsk... Humbe does it all the time.. Yes- your mami was smart.. I would have done the same thing- para fuera-para fuera!!!! I always give miguelito a plate to spit out the seeds, he loves eating it in slices. Unless we're outside than he has no choice-Ha!! Sea world how exciting- we want to go visit someday.. For some reason those whales I can somewhat see, but Omg! Not underwater or the other blue huge ones- hayyyyyyy.... Oh my seriously as I wrote that part I was shuddering... Still am : X. Yes, facts are fun we learn so much, looking forward to learning more about you.. Take care and have a great day... ; ). P.S. Thanks for the heads up on the whale pictures... I will make miguelito scroll down the page for me-lol-

  4. I love that! You sounded just like her! para fuera-para fuera!!!

  5. seriously, i love these things you do! i wish i was a C! and meat lover- oh my dear we are opposites in that cos here are my random 5 for you:

    1. i've been a vegetarian since 14.
    2. i am a 36B but have dreamed of a "small C" forever. i'm still on the fence about a boob job.
    3. i can't swim.
    4. i welcome a good cry.
    5. i'm an insomniac.

    ps. I LOVE that you and karina are getting to know each other! love it. you both are girls i adore!

  6. Thank you Dear Micaela! I can't swim either, can't even float!


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