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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What to buy on a Wednesday...

Tomorrow September 9, it's my Birthday!  I will be 39 and as a homemaker you do everything for everybody else.  Two and a half years ago I stumbled upon etsy!  A venue that has helped me relax and take stress away while creating, I've also made friends along the way.  I've also made a little money that helps support the habit of buying some more paper, books, yarn and ribbon! lol  My first shop is moncy3 and my recently opened new shop is moncyscottage both named after my daughter's nickname Moncy.  Her name is Sophia Monserrat, I know she will be thrilled when mentioned!  So I will take this Wednesday and make a wish list for myself with the hopes that one day I will have my own shabby chic studio.  Here we go!

First of all, I need a desk I am always tracing and cutting at the kitchen table and I do need something nice to work in.  This one  by PaintedPatina has great drawer space for my stash of paper.  Just perfect.

Next, its a comfy lovely restored vintage chair by BlushVintageRevival I can surely sit here for hours tracing, cutting and gluing paper!

I found this lovely magnetic board by ShugabeeLane that will just be perfect to save all my notes, reminders, to do lists etc.

I've also found this awesome pink ribbon spool holder that hardly takes up any space and it looks so shabby chic.  By Krazykatedesigns

I just could not resist adding to my wish list this great wall base and hooks by OldNewAgain I can safely store my scissors in that vase and hold my keys and a hat!

And finally this great letter holder by belletreats can hold and sort my folded envelopes and unglued envelopes until they are ready for picture taking, listing  and then be stored until they're sold.

See what I do is much fun.  I love doing it and someday I will have a lovely space to work in as a real business woman only in a shabby chic surrounding!


  1. Your studio is or will be beautiful! Thanks for including the ribbon spool holder from Krazykatedesigns!

  2. Happy birthday!! I hope you get your studio soon. It will be so pretty with all of those treasures. Glad I found your blog!


  3. truly beautiful, all of it! you have great taste! ;o)

    thanks for including our coral hook piece!


  4. Thank you all! Glad you liked the idea for my studio! One day in the near future It will be done!

  5. Your dream studio is lovely! Gets me thinking of updating my own space :)

    Thanks for featuring the lovely restored vintage chair from BlushVintageRevival on Etsy!


  6. Feliz Cumpleanos sweet girl!!!!!! Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Claudia....happy birthday to you... Que Los cumplas feliz, que Los cumplas feliz!!!! Ya queremos pastel, ya queremos pastel aunque sea un pedacito pero queremos pastel..... Wishing you the best of birthdays... Hope you had a great day and that your blessed with many more birthdays, and a lot of happiness and health... Disfruta y mucho amor..... -Kary xoxo

  7. Thank you Kary (I feel I can call you Kary now!) Thanks for the Birthday songs. Te faltaron las mananitas pero te la paso por ser mi nueva amiga! Thanks for the Birthday wishes! Have a great weekend!


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