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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekend of Celebration!!!

Yes, this past weekend was celebrate celebrate!

My brother had a Birthday on September 20, we had a cake for him on Saturday.   He turned 41 so surely he could share 4 candles with my baby boy! 

 Make a wish!!!

Then Sunday morning off we go to Sea World!!  My husband, my father in law, a teenager, three elementary kids, the Birthday Boy and myself,  crazy I know!! my niece and nephew weren't in the plan they live in a different city they got lucky because we had extra passes and they showed up Saturday night!

So here is the gang!  I am the camera man (another fact, I hate pictures) I know they are not really posing it's hard to get them to!!

We had a shark encounter! a display of sharks while walking through a submerged  acrylic viewing tube.

 Shark byte anyone??

We also saw "Sea Lions LIVE" a comedy show starring a duo of sea lions and their own version of today's most popular TV shows, movies and music!

In the Wild Arctic we came face to face with beluga whales, polar bears and walruses as we passed thru the chilly exhibit!  the kids were just amazed!

 We did go on some kiddie roller coaster rides! Smile!!

Look no hands!

We also saw Blue Horizons, a show with dolphins, birds and pilot whales!  Great colorful show!

Blue Horizons!  Hey who is the man in the hat in my picture???

And finally we saw "The Shamu Show Belive"  BEWARE KILLER WHALE PICTURES NEXT...

 Shamu Waves!

 Shamu splashes!

Shamu flips!

That was fun!  And to end the evening we went on this wet and wild roller coaster ride called Journey to Atlantis.  My 6 year old niece cried for her mommy! the poor thing! we ended up all wet but we had the best fun! Double click on the link and you will view 32 seconds of wet fun!

And finally on Monday Xavi had his own cake and his very much wanted Lego Toy Story Army Men on Patrol!


  1. Omg!!!! Killer whales-hay Dios mio!!! -lol- I skimed through those pictures like crazy.... Feliz cumple to your baby and brother!! Happy Birthday!!! You guys had a blast- and those cakes yummy!!! God bless them and may they be blessed with many more birthdays, health and happiness!!! Mucho amor sweetie ; D

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes and the blessings Kary! It was really like a non ending party really! But we did have the best time ever! My baby keeps thanking me for his Lego toys...Now my baby nephew turns one this Friday! Let's party again!


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