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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What to Buy on a Wednesday...

When I was in High School many Summers ago I used to spend a lot a time at my local Library.  Browsing thru endless shelves of books.  I would check out magazines, arts and crafts books, novels, children books for my little sis.  I was happy there!  I always thought that being a Librarian was the coolest job ever !  I really don't know what their work is all about but just thinking working at a quiet place such a Library surrounded by books made me Happy!   I've dedicated this Wednesday Series as if I had ended up as  Librarian!

First thing is first,  I found this great pencil skirt by oneaviandaemon because I have to have style and dress professionally and really look like a Librarian, you know when you're young you look up to people as role models.  Oh my! well then  I would have made the coolest Librarian in the whole wide world... of course I was 100 1bs. back then!

Every Librarian needs a pair of glasses and to go with them I found the perfect chain or leash so my  pair of glasses never get lost!  This one by AngiesJumbledMusings

I also found this great looking leather journal to jot down my personal notes, plans, thoughts, feelings  and what nots!  Isn't this the perfect journal very professional looking and suitable for the perfect Librarian!  This one by anticovalore

Well what do you know sitting in a chair does not have to be boring or tiresome! I found this cute Dictionary Pillow by zulamay to have on my chair at work!  what better way to show your love for books!

Next, I found this lovey Tiny Blue Bubbles Lampwork Swarovsky  Crystal and Seed Bead Bookmark by OklahomaMama. Aka a book thong!    When you have to look professional you have to go all the way.  And yes OklahomaMama  I totally agree with you, a thong for a book makes me giggle too!

Now I couldn't resist adding this lovely Zipper Pouch by kukubee to my collection! Besides showing the love for books I think it shows the inner child we all have in ourselves and I have it out on my desk all the time for many ohhhs! and awwhs!

And last, I wouldn't be caught without my personalized stamp!  This one by cupcaketree (By the way I've bought from her before and she is great!)  Only my stamp would read Mrs. Aguilar...I think I would go stamp crazy! lol!

Now, I don't go to the Library as often as I used to go or have many extra time to read books but I do take my children to instill on them the love for books.

 In this picture my daughter Sophia, my son Xavi and my nephew Isaac and their Library friends!


  1. My first job was when I was 14yrs old and it was at a public library ; D I shelved books and worked my way up to checking them out... I loved my job and also wanted to be a librarian ; ) Love everything especially that pencil skirt. Cuidate Claudia...

  2. How cool is that Kary! So glad to hear you loved your job there! Oh now I envy you! In a good kind of way of course...;) see ya!

  3. Lol- Forgot to mention I love that zipper pouch.. It's just so CUTE!!!


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