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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morning Laughs...Roger that Captain!

I hate being late or rushing, so every morning I get the kids up at 6:00 am
except for Valeria my stepdaughter who needs a little
more time and she wakes up at 5:15 am.
If we're not out the door by 7:20 I am stressed
and my morning has had a bad start...

This morning I told my four yr.old 'Xavi go get some clothes on
and don't forget clean underwear'
(I've learned that either we both pick out his clothes
or he does it himself so he'd be a happy camper in the mornings)

He comes back to me wearing this Star Wars 
Clone Trooper Helmet
'Xavi I said go get some clothes on and don't forget clean underwear!'

Roger that captain!! was his answer
he made me laugh!
I never thought I'd be a captain
or a Clone Trooper's mom...

So of course I had to tell him not to move and to wait,
I ran downstairs to get my little camera
Here's my Little Clone Trooper in his Batman PJs!
Oh and we managed to get out of the house in time!

...and I even laughed some more:
Sophia told me 'mom when that baby came out of you
we had an agreement, that I'd be his boss'
I just don't remember signing such a thing!!


  1. this is way too funny. he looks adorable in his little PJ's and storm trooper helmet, and I remember feeling the same way as Sophie about my own little brother.

    by the way, this is courtney from kid vs. city. i decided to start a new blog :)

  2. Too funny. You have a cute and funny little man!!!

  3. That is so adorable! Little boys are such comedians. :) Thanks for the comment on my blog today; I totally think you should take some photog classes! So glad we inspired you with my silly blog! Amazing. :)


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