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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fill in the blanks...I sing

You can be as silly or serious as you want!  one word, a sentence or a paragraph if you'd like!  I thought this would be fun.

I sing...

I sing while I drive...and love it when my kids join along!


  1. hahaha i seriously giggled out loud when I saw this picture. Love it! randomly just found your blog!

  2. Aww ..thats so sweet and I bet when that happens , it must feel like there's not a care in the world ..Just thinking of it makes me so happy ..
    Hope ur week is great

  3. Thank you for the visit Ashley! @ Priya you got it my friend!

  4. Adorable!!!! I know I'm in a good mood when I sing in the shower (when no one is around since it does not sound pleasant)! - ~Val

  5. I sing when I clean...and I wish my kids would join along!

  6. No conozco la canciĆ³n :(
    Gracias por el saludo.

  7. Cute!!! I LOVE to sing and Miguelito always joins in :)


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