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Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm still finding facts about me!

These are not not the cows from our Seasons Change project

1.  I love the smell of fresh manure in the morning (weird I know!)
2.  I don't perform well after 8:00 pm
3.  I am allergic to shrimp (can't remember if I told you this already)
4.  I am so fast at starting a new project.
5.  If I get bored I put it away and maybe...only maybe never finish it!


  1. i am like you on 4 points... can't say i agree with #1 though!!!

    but # 2 is a yes.
    and #3 --- my lips get swollen and itchy! yuck!
    and definitely #4.
    and #5 as well --- some projects just seem to get tucked away and i seem to forget them sooner or later... that's a horrible thing to say, no?


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