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Monday, February 28, 2011


1.  I love tamales...all flavors!
2.  When I was a kid me and my mom used to make tamales for every occasion, now I buy them!
3.  I love Shrek! that ugly Ogre
4.  I hate being in pajamas all day...I just can't do it really!
5.  I wish I can set my sneakers aside and wear high heals more often!


  1. I love, love, love tamales!!! I could eat them anytime :) When I was growing up we'd go visit my granddaddy in LA and the tamales there were the best I have ever had :) My dad grew up in East LA and talk about delicious tamales :) It's nearly lunch time here and I think I'm going to eat tamales for lunch! haha thanks Claudia :)
    I LOVE Shrek too!!! The last one made me cry!!!
    I am going to learn how to walk in heels so that I can finally start wearing them :)

  2. Gracias por el recibimiento ;)

    Pregunta: De dónde eres?

  3. Pues esta amiga mía. http://bymargarita.blogspot.com/
    Es de tijuana y es un amor de chica. La he conocido gracias al Flickr

  4. I love tamales too. Recently I tried pumpkin tamales. I want to go back and try blue corn calabicita tamales. :)

  5. the last shrek made me cry too... made me feel something so personal believe it or not! :)

    i've been in my pj's most days lately.. and you're right, i feel much better when i shower and change even IF i'm not going anywhere lol

    but # 5 i'm the opposite! i know i need to wear more flats cos i'm ALWAYS in heels.

    i always love your facts :)

  6. I never understood how people can stay in their PJs all day! I need a shower and fresh clothes in the morning! Have a great day! ~Val


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