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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Mail

I just started postcrossing!!!   I am now so glad I did it and so mad at myself for not having started doing this earlier.  It's so fun opening your mailbox and finding little surprises like this...


This is a postcard I cut out of the cover of a book and it was sent to the Netherlands

This beautiful postcard I found on one of my local thrift shops and it was sent to Italy (I wanna go there someday!)

 Another great find!  Handpainted postcard sent to Nampa, Idaho

This one I sent to Russia.  It is titled "Money"  I wish I could send everybody some...money I mean.

I received this beautiful one WA, USA

 I received greetings from Belarus!

 This postcard came from England.  This is the Corfe Castle and the very interesting story of King Edward the Martyr.

How is that for traveling all over the world???  Happy Sunday my friends!


  1. I love Postcrossing!!! I've met some of my closest friends through this amazing site :) It's also a reason I wanted to start blogging :) I have taken a little break from it and I miss it terribly! I think you convinced me to start it up once again :)

  2. Postcrossing is so much fun! Choosing and sending the postcards is almost as much fun as finding one from far away in the mailbox.

    If you're looking for some regular snail mail pals for letters, postcards, or cards, just let me know. I'd be interested in being pen pals with you!


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