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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

...love byte # 15

Find me HERE today for love byte # 15

I am guest posting on Priya's wonderful blog My Reflections


  1. so i put this as my comment over on priya's blog but i'll post it here as well :)

    BY FAR, my favorite one. You said it so well--- you don't even think about little things that really show how intimate you can be with the person you share your life with...

    makes me smile i found my person to gladly and freely share my popcorn (AND STRAW!) with.

  2. glad you liked it! I also got my special person to share my popcorn and straw with!

  3. Thank you Clau for writing such a lovely post and even though there is so much said about Love , there's always so much to say .. and the best part everyone has something different to say..


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