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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What She Wore

I had my eyes set on this location for a set of pictures for the What She Wore segment.  These pictures were taken a few weeks before school ended.   That specific morning there was a guy taking the trash out and he was looking at us weird like what are they doing here?  So we choose to get it over with quickly, anyways that morning Emma was not in the best mood.  

Every time we do this we have so much fun! I don't know it's probably the "Hurry up!! mom just take the pictures" factor. Next year when Sophie goes to High School we won't have that extra hour to get the pictures done so we will have to figure out a way to keep up with the segment. Talking about High School the Summer Bridge Program got cancelled!  Sophie and I were so bummed because of the reason it got cancelled...not enough kids registered WOW! Cannot believe it...oh well 

I read this article about modern addictions, very interesting 

Skirt and cardigan: thrifted
shoes: payless

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I hope your week is going well, we're into the second week of summer vacation and really 
cannot be on pjs all day long like the kids do :/


  1. Grumpy or not, Sophie's photos came out really cute! :)

  2. Oh! Sophie and my daughter Anne must both be going into HS at the same time then! Anne is off to HS in the Fall, while my older one is off to college. hard to believe. Always love to see what Sophie is wearing


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