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Monday, June 27, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

We've been having lazy morning and busy afternoons lately.  Although some days we leave the house early and try to beat the heat to run some errands. Sophia has her dance class on Mondays and Library Volunteering  on Wednesdays.  Xavi has soccer practice on both days as well.  With Javier getting home late from work I am mostly the one in charge of the dropping off kids.  sigh.

I have become not only a soccer mom but a super soccer mom! sigh.  again

On the afternoons that we are not super tired before going to bed in order to unwind we have been watching R. L. Stein The Haunting Hour on Netflix.  If you're familiar with the goosebumps children's books you know what I am talking about.  The stories follow children characters that find themselves in scary situations, the episodes last 22 minutes so we have time for one or two.  It is fun watching Xavi hide under the covers.

Last Friday as our weekend started we had the "ugly" car trouble.  I had told Javier a few days back the truck has been making funny noises.  As he was test driving we had transmission problems.  The car stopped and we had to walk back home.  As we started walking home in the beating sun. :( this lady drove past us a few times and asked if we needed a ride.  We accepted the ride as Javier was carrying Emma on his arms.  She had a kind heart. :)

My father in law lent us his truck while we get our Tundra fixed.  As much as we would love it we are not ready yet for another car payment :/

Car trouble!  This is how I felt...I miss my Tundra!

Hope is not too hot in your neck of the woods 'cause its getting hot in here!!

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  1. I hope you get to have more lazy time over the summer. :) The Goosebumps series must be a lot of fun to watch together. Car troubles are never fun. How wonderful someone stopped for you guys. We live in such a strange world that many people are actually afraid to stop and help strangers. I love Emma's meme. :)


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