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Monday, June 13, 2016

the good the bad and the wekend

Hello you guys how are you?  I hope you all are good and with good spirits.  My thoughts and prayers are with Florida people.  My motto has always been "Why can we all just get along? I mean wake up, go to work, come back home and be happy!  Is that too much to ask?? Anyways here is a peek at my week last week.

Emma is getting great at mimicking, she is funny trying to copy what other people does :)

Sophia started volunteering at the library and she absolutely loved it.  This line would fit in the morning laughs segment while we were having breakfast she told us in a serious tone "Listen up people from now on I will be paying the bills!  oh my dear Sophie one day you will! :)

Xavi started soccer practice, try outs for a soccer club coming soon.

Emma loves running free in the park while Xavi practices in the afternoons.

Emma is pulling the Nemo trick while on her high chair.  She loves trowing food left and right once she is done eating. When I notice that she sticks her hand out in the air with a piece of food,   I tell her not to and with a daring smile on her face she drops it...just like that sigh * :/

We woke up early Friday morning at 1:00 am with a 5.2 magnitude earthquake those 10 seconds seemed to last forever.  Not a fun thing to start the weekend  with :(

All this Summer we will be having 3 day weekends as Javier will be working 10 hour shifts for 4 days and having Fridays off.  

As far as this weekend, it was all soccer fever in this casa of mine! 

This is her daring face!

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  1. What a week! I can't agree more with your motto! The hatred makes no sense to me. It sounds like Emma is doing a lot of entertaining. :) That is great that Sophie is enjoying her work. It is a fun way to make new friends too. An earthquake in the middle of the night must have been scary! I have only experienced one and had no clue what was going on when it happened since it was unfamiliar to me. It felt like a freight train was going through the house! There is a huge fault in the Boston area so someday there will be a big one here.


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