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Monday, June 20, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

This week was pretty normal and nothing much out of the ordinary happened.  I love shopping at Kohl's.  I have a love hate relationship with that store they send you so many coupons that agghh!  I have been doing the shop, save and repeat routine.  I scored some bath towels online for about $4.50 a piece and free shipping!  You should see Javier's face when I tell him I saved you some money!!  I baked my first batch of fudgy chocolate cookies made with avocado! nobody knew it until I told them!  Xavi loved them, he said they were great, delicious the best cookies ever until I told him they had avocado then he said "well they do taste funny and different" 
We've been trying to get out of the house to get fresh air as the days get hotter and hotter.
You cannot imagine how many times we went up and down this street so that Sophie captured the perfect shot or at least one or two that I liked... many, many times!  
Aww the joys of bike riding with the little ones! Bike riding is fun!

The weekend got more exciting as my sister got married on Saturday.  I was having so much fun and chasing after Emma that I didn't take a lot of pictures.
Some photos were shared on Instagram as well as Facebook.
Talking about Emma she would not get out of the dance floor.

Then on Sunday we celebrated Father's Day. We went out for breakfast and gave Javier a few gifts.  We bought him an adult coloring book for de-stressing.  He got the color pencils out and started coloring and joking "oh yes this is de-stressing, I am so relaxed now I feel great!" later in the afternoon he got his coloring book out and started working on it again.  I  felt like coloring too so no doubt I will color a page or two in the near future.  Have you got one?  have you tried coloring for de-stressing purposes??

I have been thinking a lot lately about my 45 by 45 list.  It's been in the back burner for a while now...It was put on hold for the whole pregnancy and then after Emma I only did a couple of things.  Forty fifth Birthday is coming in September...oh well :/  I hope I have many more years until I really hit the bucket.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and a lovely start of Summer my friends!
We're having a heat wave here in California whopping 108 yesterday today will be hotter..

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  1. Cute photos Claudia! I love the little basket. Avocados are so amazing with the versatility. I haven't tried baking with them yet though. Adult coloring sounds so therapeutic. Jim can get stressed from work. I wonder if he would enjoy it too!


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