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Monday, June 6, 2016

the good the bad and the weekend

Happy Monday my friends!  We had a very festive week last week and a great 4 day weekend since Javier took Thursday and Friday off work. Here are more details.

On June 1st I started an Instagram challenge photo a day from Fat Mum Slim

My sister in law's High School graduation and 18th Birthday on the same day!  I think that is very cool and memorable! :)

We crossed the border to Tijuana, ate tacos, walked downtown which I haven't done in years, went to IMAX theater and had a great time! :)

I give lots and lots of credit to Emma which almost made it through the whole movie it was her first time at the movies and Javier was very worried.  She got restless on the very last 5 minutes.

Back at home we celebrated Javier's Birthday on Saturday :)

On Sunday we watched a soccer match between Mexico and Urugay.

It's been a while since Emma's diaper changes seem like MMA fighting matches.  I literally have to pin her down to complete the task. sigh.  It's just a diaper change baby :(

Yeah I feel that way too! 

Hope your week started off good!

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  1. How exciting for your sister in law to turn 18 and graduate the same day! Oh to be that age again! That is wonderful Emma made it through her first theater movie. Hopefully Emma will be quick to graduate to Pull Ups so you guys won't have to fight anymore. :)


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