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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

spring break

This past  Friday the kids started their 1 week Spring Break. Sophia received an award for reading.
I was at the parking lot waiting to go in the multipurpose room
 when I saw her name popped up on the screen :)
Although there are days that are not easy, she still makes me proud in many ways! Right after school we drove to San Diego to a Quinceañera party.
Not happy about the dress but her Christmas socks made her feel comfortable, she was wearing my black wedges here... she wore her old tennis shoes to the party.
 Here is the Quinceañera and her dance which is the most awaited moment of the night.
I don't like feeling tipsy in front of people but I had two margaritas...I drank them slowly very slowly.
Then I had a sangria...awe!! yeah I was feeling good!  
We had fun at the photo booth
I told my husband don't wear the boa...but he insisted.  You see that tall girl on the back?  she is my husband's sister she is a tall girl.  She is only 16.
Saturday morning after we slept only for about 5 or 6 hours we woke up early, to meet my mother in law because I was crossing the border to drive her to the airport.  At the border on the way back I got a strawberry and lemon ice cream...well deserved.  Then when I crossed we drove back to Hemet. 
 I just felt life taking a long long nap!


  1. Congratulations to Sophia on her award!! And that ice cream looks amazing.

  2. What a fun start to vacation! Congratulations to Sophia! The Quinceañera looks awesome. My sister in law is already thinking about my niece's. 2 margaritas and a sangria? Wow! That would make me very wobbly. That ice cream looks delicious. :)


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