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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Los Vaqueros cantina & grill...a nice restaurant that offers all of the Mexican food you can think of plus more because they also have burgers and pizza for the kiddos.  When we moved to Hemet there was a colorful billboard right in the corner of our cross street and it look so inviting lighted up at night, this place is only 2.3 miles away from our house.  It took us about a year to finally go there.  It was simply delicious and colorful and nice inside.  Although you cannot really compare it to real homemade Mexican food it's nice to treat yourself once in a while and let others do the cooking for you right??   When we went there Xavi dressed up as a real cowboy, plaid shirt, cowboy boots, jeans, hat and all...he was about four years old my boy...that's the spirit wouldn't you say??


  1. oh man I miss good Mexican food .... CA has THE BEST!

  2. I'm with Cynthia on that, and I'm sure you can imagine the quality of Mexican food in.......Indiana. Oi!


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