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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

hand wrapped pencils

Something funny happened to me last week.  I was working on a project and instead of using glue I used sunscreen lotion.  Aggh...after all the bottle size was the same and it looked very similar. Boy oh boy am I glad I didn't use the glue on me!
The worst thing is that I was wearing my glasses.  Is that a sign of old age or what??  Anyways, so I only realized I was using the wrong thing because the paper was not sticking!
I was working on my new hand wrapped pencils for my shop.  I have sold them before mini pencils, pencils wrapped in Japanese Washi paper, wooden color pencils and more!  Now they are back!

I am so excited because there are so many possibilities, I want to wrap these pencils in every pretty, creative  way possible ;)  I go crazy with all the paper options around a thrift store!!
I specially like using maps and music sheet.

  Following are some examples of the sets I have for sale already:

Traveler's Set made out of vintage and newer maps, Thomas Guides and World Atlases.

Office Lady Set hand wrapped in scrapbook paper.

Music Sheet set hand wrapped in vintage and newer music sheet.

Check out my hand wrapped pencil section in my shop, 
I am working on new sets that I will be adding soon.
Meanwhile I am keeping the sunscreen lotion far away from my projects.

I am offering coupon code SAVE20 to save 20% on the purchase of my hand wrapped pencils
starting today until next Sunday May 4th.  Domestic and international purchases :)


  1. Wow. They look great. You are a very talented person.

  2. LOL ... very glad to hear you did not use glue on yourself! these pencils are awesome! especially loving the maps and music

  3. That is an amazing idea! I love this, all of them :) Thank you for sharing!


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