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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

only two

This weekend we celebrated my nieces Birthday.

This little one just turned two years old.  We were there to celebrate under the sea, we had such fun!  She took a nap in the middle of the party, when she woke up it was time for the piƱata she had a hard time hitting the first one buy was ready for the second one.  Oh and do I have to tell you that that chocolate cake was...


It's amazing how time flies :/


  1. OMG! This party looks so fun! The food is super creative.

  2. Awww!! She is adorable, happy birthday! And look at you -- just radiant :) p.s. re the vegetarianism: more and more I am convinced it is the right thing to do. Just yesterday I was at the train station and saw this sad poster telling about the cruelties of the farming industry. I knew about it before, but I didn't know that male chicks are killed off because they are "useless" -- by being suffocated or ground up alive :(((

  3. What a fun party for a beautiful wee bebe! The food looks absolutely tremendous. =)

  4. looks like a fun day for everyone! and what a great picture of your family!


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