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Thursday, March 27, 2014


This is a residential are in middle town Hemet.  I love admiring these little houses, their architecture and how they are kept nice and neat.  Don't they just look like doll houses?


  1. Love this look. Reminds me of some old houses from my childhood, when tiny smily grandmothers were coming out with treats for neighbor kids :) Such a lovely look of green walls and pink-red flowers...

  2. This house is adorable. Definitely my style. The flowers are so sweet.

  3. Hi Claudia, To answer your question, yes we hope to move to Florida this summer! This winter has been particularly brutal so we want out of MA!!! Everything is up in the air and needs to fall into place. Jim's sister is hounding us to move down there. She loves it as much as their parents!

    Do you know that bloggers can't reply to your comments via e-mail? It reads "no reply blogger". Someone pointed this out to me years ago because mine was set up that way too. There is some blogger button you can change so when you comment on a blog the reader can reply to the comment via e-mail (if that makes sense). :-)


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