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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

indoor herb garden...in progress

ok, so this is my attempt to my indoor herb garden
am I cheating if I didn't start from scratch?
I am cheating If I am still trying to figure it out?
you should know I don't have the green thumb (insert a sad face here)
you should also know that I don't use fresh herbs much

but this is my attempt to do it

the only herbs I buy fresh are cilantro, mint and parsley at times
...most of the time they go bad in the refrigerator (insert a sadder face here)
 I searched ways to do an indoor garden,  it needs a least 6+ hours of sun  a window would do
I choose 4 herbs that I've used before or that I think I will use, I bought parsley, rosemary, sage and mint... there are so many kinds of herbs to choose from!
I knew I couldn't pot them on this basket. I saw this great an easy video tutorial, the herbs still being on their pots were stuck on a  jar with water and then the jars are set in a basket.  Pretty, I know.  Easy, yeah that too. Once I find the jars I will see how this works out, if not I will have to search for a tub or pretty planter to pot them.
Meanwhile I am admiring how my herb garden looks on my kitchen and the wonderful smell.  I will have to search for recipes to give them some use while cooking or making herb infused water ;) 

 I've printed this lovely chart
wonderful artwork wouldn't you say?

I am studying studying!
This completes another prompt on my bucket list :)


  1. This looks so pretty and it will bring a smile to your face for months to come! (Fyi: use fresh herbs like you would dry, just double the amount.)

  2. lovely. one of the things I miss about living in CA is being able to grow herbs year round.

  3. Wonderful! I love growing herbs -- my favourites are mint, geranium, rosemary and basil. Geraniums are especially easy, and the variety is mind-boggling! Thanks so much for popping by; I trust you are doing super, dear friend *hugs*

  4. Looks amazing. I can almost smell the fresh herbs. There is nothing better then going to a garden and seasoning foods with fresh herbs.

  5. Wow, it looks so nice! I know we are growing some herbs in our garden, but Mom says a lot of them can't stand our weather!


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