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Thursday, January 30, 2014

teacher reviews

Hey guys how have you been?  Life has been happening so intense for the past weeks!  But all is good.

I know I haven't been blogging much lately and it seems all I blog about is Sophia so here it is another post about her.  I just can't help it.

Right after Christmas break I got her grades by mail and I read them aloud.  Nothing to be upset about all A's and B's.  I am so proud of her really!  One of the teacher's comments though started a commotion and she initiated all this sista ranting and venting like she needed to get it out of her system.  Walking around the dining table waving her arms up and down getting all worked up.

You might be thinking what was the teacher's comment?..."Student shows lack of participation."  It was her P.E. teacher who had given her a B by the way  but the comment hurt her deep.  
That is what started it all.

I had to tell her to stop take a deep breath and talk slower because I needed to document the info.  It was too funny Xavi and I could not stop laughing.  It brought me back to my Middle School years when I fell in love with my P.E. teacher (apparently not in Sophia's case)  So here is what she had to say about each one of her teachers and for her protection she made me swear that I wouldn't say the name of the school nor the full names of teachers.

P.E. teacher Mr. K.
-Who does he think he is?  Who is he to judge me?  all he does is blow a little whistle and we are his little ants running around the fields.  Ah!  Lack of participation?  I'd like to see him running around the field non stop and then giving me 20!
-He is always in such a bad mood.  He is mean to everyone.  You hear all these stories about him.  One time I was doodling around my name and he was like:  I CAN'T SEE YOUR NAME!  WHY DO YOU DOODLE AROUND YOUR NAME!  DON'T DOODLE AROUND YOUR NAME!!  Gosh I was just doodling :/

-Now, Mr C is so selfish.  He thinks he is the only teacher I have.  I like him a lot but I have other classes too you know.  He gives me a stack of homework every night.  He says: you are sixth graders now you can do anything that comes at you.  Like if he throws a brick at me I have to be ready to catch it.

-OK this is going to be long and painful...all Mr E does is complain how we are not quiet enough.  I am trying to write the pencil squeaks and he turns around like a snake and hisses SHHHHH!!! he is like a cobra.  I don't even care as what he gives me as a grade anymore all I want to do is pass his class so I don't have to see him again!

-The pregnant lady, she does not know how to run her class.  She is too nice and she does not know how to tell someone to be quiet.  I am quiet and have a B in the class.  Most of the students just talk and don't do any of the work.  All she does is sends them out for 5 minutes like babies while she should be handing them to the principal.

-This teacher is just plain unfair.  I work hard to keep grades up.  I think I deserve an outstanding next to my grade but no the only people she gives an outstanding mark is the teacher's pets.  I am not willing to be a teacher's pet.  I don't like her.

She also had her last words on this matter.  "Now, I've let all my anger out, next time I have any complains or am mad at any of my teachers I will just go to your blog immediately mom!"  I tell her all the time she should start a blog.

Do you have any wonderful or awful memories from Middle School teachers?


  1. Oh boy! That is not an easy age. Especially when you feel you deserve better. Yes, Sophia could benefit from a blog for her venting. :) I'm glad to hear she got all good grades!!!

  2. Way to go Sophia, both for your grades and for venting in a healthy manner!

    Never, ever feel bad for being a proud Momma Claudia!

  3. Good for Sophia! At least she is telling you how she feels ... I have to drag it out of my older daughter, but then when I do it floods out! And I have to agree with her on the teacher's pet thing ... it should be about the work not the @**! kissing being done :O

    But then that is a great life lesson. It doesn't change much once you hit the real world that is for sure!

  4. Healthy venting is...healthy :)

    Sounds like he's being extremely unfair. She's being the bigger person.

  5. Oh I think I only have bad memories about middle school. My best memory was when I finally graduated and never looked back.
    Your daughter is very brave. I think there should be no grade for PE at all. It is all subjective.


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