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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sophia's 12

Today is Sophia's 12 Birthday. 

I went to the hospital 12 years ago on Martin Luther King's Holiday on a Monday.  I came out as a mom with a 6 lb. baby on my arms.  There were hard days and endless nights when she was a baby but we've made it for 12 years. 
When Sophia was born my sister was in her first trimester pregnant with her firstborn.  My nephew Isaac was born on August of the same year.  They are 7 months apart and love each other.  They attended the same school during their Kindergarten and First grade years.  They once met at the nurse's office because on separate incidents they got hurt.  They hugged each other and cried together.  When my sister and her family moved to Hemet Sophia was hoping Isaac would go to her school but it just didn't happen.  
Sophia says Isaac is her favorite cousin because he is always kind and caring.


I took this picture last summer at my mom's trying to simulate the baby picture.
Our babies are growing up way to fast!

Happy Birthday Sophia!


  1. Oh my. It is amazing how fast time flies. Happy birthday.

  2. Happy Sophia's Birthday...it should be a national holiday! Oh wait... ;-)

  3. Happy birthday Sophia! It is amazing how quickly they grow up!

  4. Happy birthday Sophia! She looks and acts much more mature than a 12 year old which is awesome! The apples are the sweetest prop for the little ones. That baby photo is so adorable. It's so true about cousins. We have a lot of laughs when we get together!


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