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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Party and a lesson in confidence.

So here are some pictures of the Quinceanera we attended last Saturday.  For those of you that don't know a Quinceanera is sort of like a Sweet Sixteen party (except the girls turns fifteen) some people go all out and spend all kinds of money!!  This was a very nice party.  The lighting was weird and everything looked pink and I am not good at picture taking under such circumstances.  Then when they opened the dance floor everything looked blue!  Oh well...

The food was delicious, it was chicken with a sort of chipotle sauce.  I was the designated driver so I drank punch with the kids...anyways I only drink wine at my house and when no one except my husband and kids are in the house.  I feel kind of weird if someone else sees me with a glass of wine.

Anyways, you know I don't dance but I still had a great time.
I was taught a magic trick by my husband's uncle (he really was teaching Xavi)
but I got to practice balancing  a quarter and a fork on a wine glass without touching the glass
the hard part was balancing two forks :/

I got to wear a little extra make up and my pointy high heels about 2 1/2 inch high heels by the way.  I am so insecure that I kept asking Sophie if I looked alright.  She asked me if you feel uncomfortable why do you wear extra make up?  She really got me thinking there.  My Sophie is so confident she does not care what people think of her.  She wears her curls loose all the time and she loves it. To the party she wore a sheer dress and her tennis shoes with some fluffy socks.  I kept asking her even a few hours before the party if she wanted to wear some flats and she kept saying no.  I wish I had her confidence and her cheerful attitude.

Here is a little taste of her confidence.  I admire her, I really do!


  1. It takes a great Mom to instill that kind of confidence!

  2. I love the effect of the photos with the pink and blue! They look really cool. That fork and quarter trick looks interesting! Sophie's confidence shines through in the video clips. You can learn from her. :) Confidence is something most of us struggle with. Maybe you can start with a glass of wine in front of other people. No one will judge you and since it is liquid courage you will feel relaxed and beautiful after half a glass!

    1. haha I like the sound of that liquid courage Miss Val!

  3. O wow, it looks like such a fun time! Sophie is brilliant -- she must have got that from you! Kisses back :) (you're so cute, you don't need to worry, by the way!)


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