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Monday, January 13, 2014

Break Observations and wind down...

Today is the first day that I get back to my regular routine.  The kids had two weeks off school and went back to school last week.   My husband had three weeks off and went back to work just today.  This past Saturday we went to a QuinceaƱera (will share pics this week) and yesterday was my baby bother's Birthday.  He turned 40!!  haha it's all a joke until it happens to you ah??  We were at his house celebrating with him.  What a way to finish the Holidays! 

This is my brother and my dear mom

One day while I was falling asleep last week I started thinking of how everybody liked to spend their days off.  My husband watched at least two movies a day (he likes watching all those bloody fake movies with the girls with skimpy shorts that get killed he calls them low budget movies and in those gruesome scenes full of blood where they saw off the limbs he laughs and says that's what she gets!, Valeria slept in late but I mean very late and did not put down her ipod, Sophia listened to music on her ipod or read the whole time, Xavi played games on the computer, dumped his legos, all over the house, rode his bike, played with his cars.  I think he was the only one with a little more variety on the activities. There were also many many the trips to the refrigerator and pantry they seemed endless like if they had not eaten in days and were starving.  Following are a few observations during the break that I think were funny and exactly show everybody's personality around here!

*Everybody took the break so seriously like I explained before.  The day started in pajamas and it ended that way (for most people at the house)  Whenever I attempted to sit and watch a movie or check my email suddenly someone needed my help :/  No kidding I only managed to watch one Netflix movie by myself and a few with the family altogether.

*With so much traffic the kitchen floor was impossible to keep clean impossible I tell you.

*Kids cannot save a little money, they had some Christmas money that was burning a hole in their pockets, specially Xavi counting the money from his birthday in late September he spent $130 in a couple of trips to the store, he got plenty of Legos and toys and oh and I was lucky I convinced him to buy a pair of shoes.

*Whenever my husband stopped at the store he made sure the fridge and pantry were well stock.  
His items:  
beef jerky, 
 and Hershey's Chocolate
...apparently the only food groups he knows :/

* I kinda felt guilty about out weather here in Cali specially last week while more than half of the country was frozen.  At this very moment we are having July weather.

The house feels empty and hollow now. But I miss the noise and the commotion I miss being together with my family.  Lots of mixed emotions for me today. 
I know everybody is counting down the days for another holiday or at least a long weekend to enjoy some time off again.  I guess it's part of our nature even though we take breaks so differently.

Today I am off to the dentist.  I had to change dentists after several years of visiting my old dentist. 
That does not make me happy a new dentist, no way :( What a way to go back to the grind


  1. I love to spend my days off catching up on the DVR!!! And happy birthday to your brother. THat cake looks awesome :)

  2. Sounds like you all had a very busy house the past few weeks. I hope all the birthday boys had a very happy birthday.

  3. Hehe! There is definitely a variety of personalities in your house! I hope your brother enjoyed his 40th. It sounds like you need a vacation after everyone else got to relax. :) That crazy arctic vortex thing affected my region for a few days now it is in the 50s. So strange! I really feel for those in the middle of the deep freeze. It must be torture! I hope the dentist visit wen smoothly.

  4. That reminds me of my oldest brother's 40th birthday. I suppose I shouldn't tell you that I made him a 'toilet' cake, complete with yellow jello and tootsie rolls in the toilet 'bowl'. (It took me 2 days to put that cake together!)


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