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Monday, January 6, 2014

45 by 45

Only so that I feel that I've accomplished something during my lifetime I've decided to start my 45 by 45 bucket list.  I will be 45 on September 2016 so I have less than three years to complete it.

Some of the goals on the list  are a piece of cake, some are a bit more complicated and yet other ones are  more ambitious. I want you to know that all the things on the list that involve money I plan to finance myself with the earning of my etsy shops.  I think my goals are very much attainable or easy to be accomplished.  Nothing like visiting Africa or jumping off a plane... Miss Val?  are you out there??  So hopefully I will be crossing them off and blogging about them.

1.  Wear a bathing suit to a beach or lake, or at least some short shorts.
2.  Sew a piece of clothing.
3.  Knit a hat.
4.  Knit a a pair of gloves. (done)
5.  Knit a pair of socks.
6.  Get a makeover. (done)
7.  Take my sis out for breakfast.
8.  Get a mani.
9.  Watch a classic movie. (done)
10.  Read at least three books. (the lover)
11.  Read Poetry. (done)
12.  Do a vlog post.
13.  Sew a purse.
14.  Needle felt something.
15.  Try a new vegetable. (done)
16.  Try a new dish at a restaurant.
17.  Try a new drink.
18.  Plant an indoor herb garden (done)
19.  Go to the movies by myself.
20.  Watch the sunset and sundown on the same day.
21.  Have a mother-daughter date.
22.  Go to a jazz concert.
23.  Try liquid eyeliner.
24.  Take dance lessons.
25.  Embroider something.
26.  Cross stitch my family
27.  Learn how to bind a book.
28.  Make sushi for my husband.
29.  Feed a homeless person. (done)
30.  Make a donation to a charity.
31.  Fly a kite.
32.  Learn about the constellations. (done)
33.  Stay up late watching movies  by late I mean past 12:00  am. (done)
34.  Learn how to invest and possibly invest. (done)
35.  Weave a basket.
36.  Sleep under the stars.
37.  Build something with pallets. (done)
38.  Photograph a rainbow.  (done)
39.  Get a pedi.
40.  Go whale watching.
41.  Make handmade soap. (done)
42.  Make decorative candles.
43.  Learn some massage techniques.
44.  Have a mother-son date.   (done)
45.  Enjoy my 45th Birthday! (done)

Yikes!  no pressure Claudia you can do it...


  1. LOVE this list. Whale watching would be awesome. You have inspired me to do something similar now!!

  2. You can do it Claudia! There is nothing life threatening on the list like jumping out of a plane. LOL. I love the feed a homeless person idea. How rewarding would that feel? I wish I could stay awake after midnight for a movie marathon! That may be the most difficult here!

  3. I like you list. They seem to be things you will really enjoy. I hope you can cross them off well before your 45th party.

  4. You can do this! what a fantastic list that will be so much fun to work your way through!

  5. great list! i have been wanting to get a kite for a while now. that's a good one :) and weaving a basket sounds like fun!


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