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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

gray...no more?

It's not a secret that I started getting gray hairs soon after my firstborn.  It wasn't that bad at first.  But 10 or  12 years later it started to bother me.  I had more grays than my own mother did! (I have nothing against aging or the people that proudly wear their silver tresses) My sister very nicely tried to convince me let my grays go after seeing my frustration.  But on my early 40s I certainly thought that it was too soon to stop coloring my hair.  One day back in May of last year I started to look for images of ladies with gray hair and I came across an article that said that molasses had many health benefits including improved hair quality, as well as the possibility of restoring graying hair back to its original color!! 
Eureka I have found it!!  I just need it to try it to see if it worked on me!
OK so I don't remember all the details of the article but you can certainly google it.  
I have been taking Blackstrap Unsulphured Molasses as a health supplement since June of last year and let me tell you that I have seen an amazing improvement on the pigment of my hair.  I would say that 50 percent of my hair color is back. Now, molasses does not taste good at all I have gone thru 4 1/2 bottles of this.  I tried it in several teas and currently just take a teaspoon a day just like that and then wash it down with water but it's totally worth it for me.  I take it as a divine punishment!  I have been holding back on writing this post remember this? because I wanted to make sure the molasses was working and it is! Now I miss my curls  I wish to embrace them soon :)


  1. I have been noticing the occasional gray hair in my beard...but I am convinced that they are just albinos :)

  2. Wow! I've never heard of this! I think I started getting grays before I was 20! Poor genetics there. I'm not sure I could drink it. Maybe make cookies with it. Hmmm. I can't wait until it will be socially acceptable to go naturally gray. Probably not until age 70!

  3. Looking good! Did you know that if you make a strong tea with sage and comb it through your hair it will help darken it as well? Of course, you have to re-do it every time you wash your hair...

  4. I had no idea! what a fantastic discovery!!

  5. I bought molasses this weekend! LOL. So I'm only 4 days into it. My fingers are crossed!!! I'm concerned my hair is too far gone since all my new hairs grow in grey. LOL

  6. Claudia, that is wild - I've never heard of that tip! I know blackstrap molasses is sometimes recommended for pregnant women, but I can't remember why. How fun that it's working for you!


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