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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Photo a Day Challenge December

Photo a day challenge in December following FatMumSlim prompts

 16.  Makes you feel Merry...Xavi's class will sing carols to the Senior Citizens at the Fire Station

 17.  Tree...My neighbor's tree, the tree in front of my house is half bare.

 18.  Big... lots of  big tress here.

 19.  'Tis the Season, yes it is!

 20.  I'm listening to...the radio but have to take turns with my copilot.

21.  On the Door...roaring bear eating a reindeer.

 22.  Sparkly...moon light  and Christmas lights.

My husband's grandfather passed away last week.
He will be put to rest  tomorrow.

Sleep in Heavenly peace Ramon Villa.

Merry Christmas my friends.


  1. Such fun captures Claudia! I'm sorry to hear of your husband's grandfather passing. I hope he lived a long fulfilling life. Have a Merry Christmas with your beautiful family! :)

  2. Such lovely, warm pictures of your neighbourhood. A blessed, peaceful Christmas season to you and yours, dear friend :)

  3. The trees are so pretty! I can imagine how nice the weather must be. Merry Merry Christmas aunty Claudia!!


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