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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Featured artist from Lemiecreazionidarte

Today I bring to you an interview from etsy shop
her owner lives in Italy has a passion for creating things.  I couldn't agree more on her last line but please don't cheat read the whole interview you will enjoy it I promise.

1.Tell us as little or as much as you would like about yourself.
I graduated from high school in fashion design, later life led me onto different other paths, I worked for
several years in tourism and I indulged my real passion for travel. Over the years I have always had
a passion for needle, sewing, sketches designs and thread as a hobby in my spare time. Currently at
age 38 I am a full-time mom and wife, I have a 21 month old son, and in January will come the second
little one.  I live near the sea in the center of Italy, I move here after my wedding, I was born and raised
near famous Venice. I love cooking and crafts!!

2. What do you sell?
In my shop currently you can find creations for home, kitchen, decoration, crochet or embroidered
items for baby, fashion craft clothing, sketches, favors, bags etc perfect unique, customized
and made with love objects. I also sell bags and other creations made in part from recycled materials, I
believe in sustainability and conservation of the earth for our future generations, I believe that in
developed west world especially, we throw away too much stuff and also new that could be reused and
thus reduce energy waste and economic.  This is why sometimes I like to re-fashion a used tissue or
maybe a jacket that is almost new, to create another object. I have new ideas, soon new arrivals in my shop!

Christmas Cards
3. Why handmade?
Handmade because I like to use my hands, I have good manual skills and I like to accomplish many things,
use brushes, colors, needles wires, ribbons. I also got tired of always seeing around objects that are
identical, standard production and mass, maybe two cents. The idea of owning something unique,
made just for me or a few pieces is a fantastic idea and makes me feel important. Then there stands, creating new ideas, originality and distinction!

Hand painted canvas tote
4. Where does your inspiration to create come from and/or your inspiration in life?
My inspiration to create comes from different sources, sometimes I open the closet and find things
that I looked for a long time or worn 1 time or with the price tag, things that I liked the color once, but a detail that now no longer went well, but looking at them I could see well the other other
creations, a bit like Michelangelo who in the piece of marble sculpture already imagined the inside over
and he chisel only the excess material. For me it is a bit like that in most of my creations I "guess" and
I see it over already, I just have to work to achieve my vision.
Other times some work evolves during creation, I realized embroidery I think use to them in
one way and then the other hand are finished from other parts in short, I draw from various sources.
A picture in a magazine can be inspiring, but then realized always in a staff according to my taste!

5. Besides creating what else do you do? Do you have a full time job?
I do not have a "regular" job day, unfortunately I had to leave just before having children. In the future I
would like to grow my business and creative work from home so that I can manage family and art.
 I can tell “This is my dream”.

6. When did you start thinking you were an artist?
An artist? I do not call myself an artist but I think I'm an artisan with good manual skills and many
interests ... I feel so when someone tells me, "You're very good, I do not even know where to start ... I
can not do anything." 

Lavender sachet bags
7. Who has been most influential in your craft work?
School gave me the basics of creativity,  my family and friends who have "accepted"
my first strange creations. Also living in Italy, with regard to fashion, craftsmanship and made
in Italy have developed my sense of  beauty and aesthetics.

8. Where would you like to be in five years?
 Five years from now my children will be grown will go to school and I will have more time for my creations,
 my husband's dream is to live in the mountains, open a BB, and create my beautiful creativity
laboratory, having done well my online activities all over the world. I would love to collaborate with
retailers or other creators in various countries so as to distribute my creations to make life more
beautiful to my buyers.

9. Is there anything you'd like to try doing that you haven't done?crafts, sports, life in general?
I wish I could do some more traveling to some parts of the world that I have not visited and that I should
know better, I would love to do the New York marathon at least once, I wish I could be the
president of the state to change a few things that need to be improved, I wish I could have lunch with
Francis Pope and cook for him! And then maybe do a bungee jump over a river! And find the
courage to do it :-)
Fashion Handbag
10. Besides online where else do you sell?
For now I only sell online, a long time ago I worked with a shop where I sold some of my
creations, but then with the birth of my son I have suspended all activities outside the home I can not
neglect my family, (you know in the Italian family is very important :-) tease us for it.)
I also feel that we need to find the right channels and propose where to appreciate the handmade.
Markets often do not understand what it costs to craft work, hours of work, attention to detail, and seeks
only the occasion or the price, you have to love and understand the value dell'handmade is priceless.

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  1. Her work is wonderful! How fun that would be if she and her husband open a B & B in the country? It sounds like the perfect place for arts and crafts.


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