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Friday, December 2, 2011

Sometimes it is not easy...

Glossary of terms:

Sophia and Xavi
My husband
The whole family

  • I buy and prepare the veggies, they don't eat them and he says it's ok.
  • He works hard for the money, I do my best to budget and they only think of buying toys.
  • He stresses, I stress too.
  • We go shopping, they want junk food and he says "they're children".
  • They play, I clean.
  • I feel blue, they want my undivided attention.
  • I want to take a nap, I gotta prepare food, they say "I don't like it".
  • I prepare want they like, they say "I am not hungry".
  • I talk and they don't listen.

I can surely add more to this list!

Can I get a witness??
I am not complaining, it's only that sometimes  
I need to let it out.
It's a good thing we love each other.  Unconditional love is what keeps us together (and patience of course).


  1. I SECOND IT ALL!!!! lol.

    love and patience keeps our families running, babe. :)

  2. I totally understand your "I". Mine "they" was exactly the same ( indeed it's "he", because in singular), but one day it changed! So don´t give up on "we".

  3. You are very clever Claudia! This one made me smile.


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