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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ghost of Christmas past

Personally I believe that one of the best presents
a parent can receive are school pictures!
Yeah you know those school pictures that they themselves hand paint or decorate and then wrap in pretty paper and lovely bows.  I love looking back at them and see how much my kids have grown.

This is Valeria my stepdaughter in kindergarten.  
She is now in the 10th grade!

This is my little Sophia in kindergarten.

This is Sophia back the second grade. She is in the fourth grade now!

 This was taken at our house about three years ago if I recall correctly. Not a school picture but I take it out every year! 

And here is my little Xavi 1 1/2 yrs old 
sitting next to Santa at Target.

I love looking back at the Ghost of Christmas past :)

My wish came true last Friday on the last day of School.  
Xavi brought home his Kindergarten picture.

See what I mean we can have fun for many years to come looking at this face!

Do you love or hate the ghost of Christmas past??


  1. Claudia, hope you will keep them for a long time! They are little treasures. Well, at least I do that ;) (talking about de-cluttering, huh???)
    And you have to see that film, with all family! Talking about films, thanks for "the little women".
    And I still have bugs on my computer, so have to find a laptop, just to be able to comment your blog... Hope it's not forever...

  2. I love older pictures and seeing how children grow! Xavi is so adorable next to Santa! Pictures are priceless and bring back so many wonderful memories.

  3. @siga
    I also hope that those are not forever either! Pictures are on of the things that I don't get rid of ;)

  4. Beautiful family and beautiful photo memories to cherish for all of your Christmases to come.


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