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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It starting to look a lot like Christmas!

This past Friday we went to a local park for the lighting of the Christmas tress and photos with Santa.  
The tree was nothing special I tell you that's why I didn't get any photos of that.  
There were free hot drinks but we hate standing in lines so we walked across the park and took some pictures.  We listened to Christmas Carols.
The line was very long for Santa's picture, very long! 
Across the street was a Lego store and Xavi cried and whined until we took him there (he had to promise first that he would not ask for a thing).  He was good :)
We thought the line would be shorter once we got out of the store but we still ended up waiting in line around 30 minutes or so for the picture!  
My sister and her daughter joined us there. The rest of her family was sick with a cold or too comfy at home to come to the park.

We had a good time!

It starting to look a lot like Christmas!

It sure does!


  1. Such pretty pictures! Every time I see Sophia I see little mini you! So cute!!
    Only 18 days left till Christmas - amazing :)


  2. Hey! Do I see Xavi singing Carols? :)) And you met Mama Noel too ;) Very cute photos!

  3. How neat. Such great pictures. I wanted to do something similar in our town but Adam said it was something for people with kids to do. But I like Santa and carols and hot chocolate. Maybe next year. Glad you all had such a good time xx

  4. @Sherms Silly Adam! It is fun without kids!!!!...kids whine and cry because they want to do other things or go across the street to the lego store! Glad to hear from you!xx

  5. This looks so fun! The bear is adorable and Mrs. Claus is a bonus. We don't see her too often!


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