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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Mail

Happy Sunday!  I hope your weekend is going smooth.

I'd like to share some more Happy Mail
I should be ashamed of myself :(  
This time outgoing mail is less than incoming mail.
But I'd like to share anyways because I don't want it to pile up!


 A post card to Arizona

 Some Christmas cards and I also sent a couple of packages that I didn't get photos of!


 Postcard no1 from Kathya in Australia from the

 Postcard no2 from Kathya

 Postcard no3 from Kathya

Postcard no4 from Kathya

A thank you card from a 9 year old pen pal from Bolivia

A letter and two cards from Maria my pen pal!

A lovely Christmas card also from Maria!!  Lovely card!

A lovely Christmas card from 15 yr old Hannah, 
my partner for a Christmas Card swap also from 

 Also, from Hannah, two blank cards for me to use and a small chocolate treat! Isn't she sweet??
Xavi ate the chocolate and I did not even glance at it!!

 And what do you think!  she also sent a thank you note for the one I sent her.  I think she is a sweet girl!

A surprisingly Birthday present from lovely Priya! 
Hey I can celebrate all year long can't I??? As long as I don't
add more yrs :/
Xavi has not seen this chocolate
...I want to share it with my husband watching a movie!

Happy mail can really make your day happy.
Let me know if any of you would like to be penpals with me
or exchange postcards once in a while ;(

email me at claudiaaguilar_99@yahoo.com



  1. these are SO sweet. Love the Happy Mail Project. Wish I had known about it so I could join too. What I love most is that there were kiddos involved. The drawing from the 9 year old is fantastic!

  2. You will be getting some happy mail from me, for sure!! :)

  3. I want to be your pen pal! I want to be your pen pal! Oh wait! We are already sisters :)

    I LOVE your happy mail!! I love the postcards that Kathya sent you! They are beautiful!

    Oh and you know what I love more?!? Opening my mailbox on Friday evening and finding a letter from my beautiful sister Clau :)
    You will definitely be getting lots of Happy Mail from me and a long letter!!

    Keep an eye out :)

    Love you!! xoxo

  4. The Happy Mail Project sounds so fun! I love the whimsy of Kathya's cards! Those caramel Ghiradelli bars are insanely delicious!

    Thank you for your Christmas card. :) ~Val

  5. @giozivan bien! bien lentas jiji pero no importa! me la paso super!!

    Oye acabo de pasar por tu blog (aun lo leo!) y si que estan lindas las cositas que te enviaron tus amigas! Es que el 'happy mail' es lo mejor para alegrar el dia! Gracias por la visita :)!


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