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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas tree

 On Sunday we bought our Christmas tree.
We decided to make it as stressful as possible...
because it can really be a pain comparing prices, full parking lots, long lines to pay, kids whining etc.

We went to Lowe's early in the morning.  We quickly checked out the size and prices for our budget and we checked out two or three trees.  We picked one (now I realize it wasn't the prettiest one lol!), we paid and voila!!  Out in 20 minutes!

And as soon as we got home we decked the tree.

Last year I donated most of my Christmas decorations because I 
was tired of them!  We bought them for our very first Christmas tree
when we were newly weds.  We also added more decorations over the course of the years.
But it was time for a change!
What I usually do is I buy decorations on after season clearance.
So last year I bought lots of gold ornaments  and new lights.
Because really don't you just hate it when you have saved the string of lights for a whole year and
when you unpack it for the next year it just decides not to work again :/ frustrating!!

I also went to the 99 cents store and bought the poinsettias a couple of weeks ago to have them ready!
Did you know this plant originates in Mexico??

This time I also wanted to make it less stressful because I can be bossy. 
Not like this, not like that!! 
Do this! Do that!...be careful!
Hey! I am their mom right??

and now that Xavi is older he can really help instead of play!

So I sat while we listened to Christmas music and the kids put the ornaments. 

and yes...I later moved some of the ornaments!

Family picture next week as Valeria was not here with us this weekend!


  1. I think your tree is sweet!! Cute pic of you in the ornament too! I wish I could get new ornaments every year but then I see the ones that make me feel nostalgic and I guess I will always have the same tree every year after all! LOL

  2. @Jenny@daysofchalkandchocolate Jenny I've had mine for twelve years...Thank you for your sweet words!

  3. Now we talking about the Christmas! Very interesting photos, I picture you laying there on the floor with a camera ;) your self portrait is cool, can print it out and cut around. The ornaments, I have too much. i don''t like making the same tree all the time, but lately it's getting insane to keep everything. Have to think about it! :))

  4. Yay!! One day I hope I can have a real tree put up in my apartment :) Algun dia! Your tree looks beautiful, hurray to getting ornaments on clearance! Love your tree and Love you!



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