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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Etsy Finds...Let's think outside red and green!

Let's think other than red and green!
Christmas can be any color

etsy can help!
Christmas Sky Fairy tale

Fused glass ornament
Christmas tree ornament
Embroidered Christmas ornaments
Silver and teal glass ornament LalaDangerous offering code CHRISTMAS to save 20 %

Christmas Winter Wreath
Twine and tulle ornament
Don't you think that sometimes it is wonderful to be different and think outside the box!
What are your favorite colors for Christmas?

I might just think teal next year!!


  1. Hi! Thank you for including my fused glass stocking ornament, with your wonderful collection of teal holiday decorations!

  2. Thank you for including me in your Blog! What a lovely idea! I appreciate it very much!
    If you shop Etsy, use coupon code CHRISTMAS for 20% off any item in my shop till the end of the year!!!

  3. @LalaDangerous Thank you LalaDangerous! I will update the link to your shop saying that you offered the CHRISTMAS coupon code :)

  4. Gorgeous color you picked! I love all of them, but I feel like i'm turning into white lately ;)

  5. @siga
    ah! as long as is not 'old lady' lol!


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