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Monday, September 5, 2011

Featured artist: Robin from RobinLilNest

Happy Labor Day Weekend my lovies!  I hope you all are having a great three day weekend !  Today I bring you Robin from RobinLilNest.  Please read along and enjoy the interview.

1.      Tell us as little or as much as you like about yourself.
My name is Robin Delean Dickinson. I am a Navy wife and have been with my husband for 23 years. We have been following the US Navy around for over 20 years. We have lived in Missouri, Illinois, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii and Virginia. I am a mother of 3 and an Army Mom. I homeschooled our children because moving so often was really starting to become an academic challenge. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world because I feel like that is why I know my children, their strengths and their weaknesses so well. I am just very blessed with a wonderful, supportive family. We are always laughing, joking and tormenting one another. 

2.      What do you sell?
I sell fine art photography and handmade, repurposed rag rugs. Of course my photography is my “art” and I enjoy it above all things. I do rag rugs while I’m lounging around the house. It’s relaxing. You’ll find both available in my Etsy shop.
3.      What type of photography do you specialize in (for example, photojournalism, action photography, fashion photography, art photography, travel photography, portraiture photography)?    
I specialize in fine art photography, mostly nature and rural areas. I love anything old, used, worn, antique. I wonder about the stories they could tell if they were able. Sure…the city is nice but if I can find an old, leaning barn or an abandoned farm house I’m in photography heaven! 

Why does that type of photography interest you? 
I look for things that are magical and nostalgic. If I feel like I must share it with the world, then I photograph it. I like to take photos of things that aren’t around anymore in hopes of preserving their beauty so they never die. 
4.      Where does your inspiration come from and/or your inspiration in life?
God and my family are my greatest inspirations. They support me in everything I do. They inspire me to be a better person. Honestly, I’m not a goal-oriented person and they help me overcome that. I want to show them through example that they can do anything, accomplish the loftiest of dreams and reach any goal they set for themselves. We have one life and we must live it with no regrets, never holding back.
5.      Besides from photography what else do you do?  Do you have a full time job? I do not work outside of the home. I’ve tried that but it’s never been very successful. I am a pretty introverted individual. I like to spend time on my own. I do not need to be surrounded by people to be happy.  The rag rugs are my other outlet.  I  also love, love, love to read. You will find a lot of quotes from classic literature and distinguished authors incorporated with my photography. I think the two mediums are the perfect blend of everything beautiful and wise.  I also enjoy watching movies. I just love stories! Taking photos is a way of storytelling oftentimes. I don’t use words but I do use images. 

6.      When did you start thinking you were an artist? 
I have always desired to be an artist. I’ve dabbled in a lot of crafts, painting, sewing, writing….yet I still do not dare consider myself an artist. There are so many artists out there that create such mind-boggling, glorious art that I would never put myself in that category.
7.      Who has been most influential in your work?
I am a Christian and I am very influenced by nature. I feel closer to God when examining and capturing His artwork to show off for Him. He is the greatest Artist!
As far as photography, Shelby Lee Adams is my biggest influence. He does portraits and I do not so it’s a bit odd.  But what I love about him is that he captures truth and the stories that he tells are so important. It doesn’t matter if it’s pretty in the eyes of society or not; it does not matter if he is criticized for his art or not either. He takes the pictures that people probably do not want to see. His is not scared. He also has a way of making not so attractive things beautiful.  I simply love his easy style.
And as far as my personal life, my biggest influence is my husband. He is so successful in everything he sets out to do. He is also my biggest cheerleader  superhero (he edited this) and he has a way of making me think that I can do anything. I trust him completely and bounce ideas off of him constantly.

8.  Where would you like to be in five years?
I am currently a photography student. Within the next 2 years I will graduate, our children will all be gone from the nest and my husband will be retired from the military. We would like to do some traveling around the US via RV to take pictures. This time we’ll go where WE want to go and not where the military tells us to go. ; )
9.  Is there anything you'd like to try doing that you haven't done?
     crafts, sports, life in general? 
I really want to go zorbing in the Rocky Mountains! (google it, you’ll love it too)

10.  Besides online where else do you sell?
Right now I only sell online.  I have the Etsy shop and a Zazzle store which is a wonderful website because my photos can be put on so many different items. I love it! Cards, posters, bags, prints, postcards, t-shirts….and it’s affordable!

Come to my Zazzle store to make a purchase and let me know you saw me on this blog. I’ll give you 20% off your purchase! If you’re purchasing from Etsy use the code MoncyBlog20 for 20% of your purchase.


  1. Thank you Robin for taking the time to do this interview! I admire you for homeschooling your children and I still have to check out zorbing...sounds fun although I am not the adventurous kind and my friends know that lol! Best of luck to you!

  2. Robin's photography is so beautiful! I love her word art too. So creative! ~Val

  3. I'm really enjoying your interviews. Robin's work is lovely!

  4. Robin's pictures is really stunning! I really like the woman's term artwork as well. Therefore innovative!

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