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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

mother-son date

...well sort of, we didn't dress up or anything, but I did plan it and took my camera.
Xavi has a doctors appointment early Monday morning, 
so I picked him up from school and did not return him.
We saw the doctor because I had a few questions and concerns, he assured me everything was normal.  This is not the first time that a doctor sends me home with the words
"Don't worry momma you are doing good".

Anyways, after the appointment I asked Xavi if he wanted to go on a date with me.  
He was over the moon with the idea.  
He remember the times when he was not in school and we dropped off Sophia and go thrift shopping.

We had fun, we went to a couple of crafts stores.  
Stopped for a burger and shake at Jack in The Box.  Then went shop thrifting where he bought a deck of cards for his magic tricks and bought a box to store his beyblades...which he did talk a lot about.
Of course he also talked about Talyn.

Something funny happened while we were sipping on our shakes, this lady I say she was in her 60s approached me and asked me if he was my son. I said yes, she said I looked young enough to be his sister.  I took that as a compliment although I know she was exaggerating a tad bit or a whole lot to be honest.  You must have had him young she asked, no not really I said I was 35.  Then it must be your skin she said.  Then she started taking about skin and makeup and hair color, her background and her exes, her children and stepchildren, her poetry classes she is taking  in college.  It was funny because she would stare at Xavi and she did mention that he looked a lot like her son when he was young now 42.  In less than 10 minutes she told me half of her life story while I was sipping on my shake I didn't mind it.  I was even tempted to ask her to sit down with us.  But then I thought no she will never finish and the truth is I am not that open with complete strangers besides my date with Xavi must go on.  She was a little chatter box she said that herself. 

We had a nice time I made him feel special and he made me feel special.  He said we should do this again when he is sick or at least have a not so important doctors appointment.


So there here it is a mother son date is crossed off my 45 by 45 list.
I am looking forward for another date soon!


  1. A burger and a shake sound really good right now!

  2. You guys are so adorable!!! Xavi will remember this date day forever. Strangers can be so funny! She must have been needing someone to talk to and you were all ears. :) Things like that make me smile.

    I'm glad everything is ok with Xavi. I don't know about you, but when I feel like something is not right I go on the internet and freak myself out even more!

    1. I do that all the time in fact that is what I did and then went to the doctor with my fears and concerns!

  3. I'm glad you got good news from the doctor, and what a fun date! My kidling still talks about our 'dates' when she was wee...in fact, methinks I should plan one with her soon!

    How I miss Jack in the Box; we don't have them here.

  4. This is really adorable! I think it's lovely that you had a mother and son date :) Sometimes it's great to have conversations with strangers.

  5. Perfect!!! You made me feel so nostalgic for my munchkin and our old days! At least one day a year is needed to play hooky with our children. You must make this a yearly tradition. Xavi looks so big. Como pass el tiempo!!


  6. Claudia, awesome to enjoy alone time with your son. You also likely made that lady's day by listening to her.


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