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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


It was April of last year when my sister gave me a bob cut and applied a relaxer to relax my curls to make it easier for me to maintain the cut and keep it straight with the flat iron.  Oh how I love straight hair.  I think I was born to have it  but something went wrong... I inherited my dad's curls.

You see I have a love-hate relationship with my curls.  I hate angering the beast...by beast I mean my hair ;)  Sometimes curls go wild and just do whatever they want to do, I don't like hair on my face.  I don't like puffy or frizzy hair who does anyway??  well some people do but that's another story. At times hair products be it mousse, creams or conditioners leave a wet sticky look or too flat which I also hate.
Last week I was ready for a change.  I was missing the convenience of wash and go hair.

So yeah I told her go ahead cut it...
I came across NaturallyCurly a wonderful website where you can find everything about curls.  Lots of tips and info about fighting frizz, natural hair recipes, conditioning and much more.  Did you know there are different hair types? I didn't...from wavy to curly to coily and then there is wavy swavy, curly twirly and coily springly ha ha
and more in between!!

I've started using an old t-shirt to dry my hair. I've learned that towels can scrub hair and damage it. The t- shirt fabric preserves the natural curl pattern.   Instead of my regular hair mousse I've started to apply a leave in nourishing coconut milk conditioner and argan oil of morocco
these two are weightless and leave my curls soft to the touch.
If you suffer from curls you probably know what I am talking about
I highly recommend NaturallyCurly.  I keep going back often to get more pointers. 

With such short hair unless I shave it or wear hair extensions I cannot do much to it but bring the beast back!  but this time I am confident that I will tame it!

 I consider this my makeover on my 45 by 45 list
For now the beast it's calm I can't wait to see it grow again!! 

...to be honest I was missing my curls and I am glad they are back.


  1. I like your curls. They add a little personality to you.

  2. You are and you look such a lovely person! And now your experiments make me wonder, what would your hair do if you dare cut it even shorter? Totaly crazy curls? :D

  3. You hair looks gorgeous Claudia! I'm jealous of curls since I don't have any. I guess we always desire what we don't have!


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