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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

hard hat area

Danger proceed at your own risk

There is a hard hat area in my house.  A place if you dare to go in you have to do it with caution.  
Lots of caution
 You never know what you will find in there.  You may trip on a shoe, step on a lego a or puzzle piece or God knows what else. 
You will find an extensive selection on swords wooden or plastic ones.  All kinds of plastic... 
fake genuine plastic I tell you.
 You may also find large amounts of money for any emergency that arises.  Large bills mainly.
There is also all other kinds of weapons, newer ones and some more primitive .  Also, handmade masks  this one reminds me of the first suit Tony Stark built in the cave and was able to escape do you recall?)
You will also find a well stock supply of pens and pencils and a calendar only this month it hasn't been flipped...it's the middle of March already.  A chalkboard to jot down notes and reminders.  Lots of nick knacks, playing cards for when the occasion arises to play magic tricks...oh and THE plastic brain yes the one that cost 5 bucks (plastic brain is in the blue plastic container at least it is a safe location.

 A reminder of mustache styles for future reference.
A place to store yoga mats, pillows all sort of masks even  a wrestling one because wrestling pillows is a popular sport here.  A place for fast razor scooters that are at time forgotten for weeks.
You can also find lots of taekwondo broken boards and books for reading time.
     ...and reminders of all kinds of achievements such as student of the month, taekwondo trophies and more.
 This is also a place to store all of the cute paperwork that comes home.
 This can also be a place of relaxation...
Or a place to throw a party!
If with all this info you still haven't figured out I will tell you now that this is Xavi's room.  A disaster zone. Most of the time I call for a deep clean up session or  I myself do the rescue efforts...but it's useless this  place always is a danger zone, it cannot stay neat for half a day.  You might notice there is no bed.  There was once one, a toddler bed that was used only one night when the marvel super heroes bed set was brand new, after that night Xavi decided that sleeping with mom and dad was better. I don't mind it much...sometimes I do I am being honest it can get a little crowded in there.  But I know that the time will come when he won't want to cuddle with mom or dad. 


  1. What a fun tour of Xavi's room! I love the mustache references. LOL Congrats to your little man on all those trophies. Enjoy that extra cuddling time. :)

  2. I stepped on a Lego once at 3am in the morning. I still have psychological scars from the experience...

  3. Lego was created for moms to step on. And I recall my mom used those same words on my room: "disaster zone" lol. Trust you are doing super, dear friend :)


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