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Monday, July 22, 2013

Photo a day challenge in July

Photo a day challenge in July

BOTTLE...KahlĂșa is a coffee-flavored rum-based liqueur from Mexico. This drink also contains sugar, corn syrup and vanilla bean
INSPIRATIONAL...I recently bought this Kids treats cooking book and been cooking and baking.  My range hood is finally installed my husband installed it and I also got a new refrigerator yay me!

 NUMBER...9 my favorite number

BUILDING...I've said it before here in Hemet we do not have big buildings or skyscrapers so our Library will do for this prompt.  We go to the Library every Thursday for the Summer reading program.

HOT...freshly baked soft pretzels result of my inspiration.  I know they don't look too perfect but give me some credit here!  
I made them from scratch.  I say they were ok!

  FAVE FOOD...peanut butter cookies, ( also result of my inspiration) well not really my favorite food! my favorite food is pozole but my mom wasn't around to make it.  She usually makes it for my Birthday or Sophie's birthday.  So peanut butter cookies will do for the sake of the post as well.


  1. fun times in the kitchen! enjoy amiga :)

  2. Great photos! Congratulations on the fridge and the range hood! Your library is so pretty. All the libraries where I am seem to be red brick and look like something from the old days! Your pretzels are fun. I would rather eat a funny looking one than a boring machine shaped one!


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