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Monday, July 29, 2013

July's crochet along

I love fast and easy crochet project and July's crochet along was certainly that!  This month Mabel from More Than... hosted the crochet along.   Fast and easy and best of all they made great Birthday presents for the girls in my family and I am certain to make some more because I got some more requests already. The watermelons coasters are going to my sister and the bracelets are going to my niece. 

 My watermelon coasters(free pattern from Make and Takes)are seedless ah!  I do hate the tedious job oh hiding the ends...:/

 Aren't these cute?  I do think so!

This is Trek bracelet (free pattern from Felted Button) I made a couple of those one in pink and one in cream.  
As always Xavi is my model for pictures.  But he enjoys it, he can't deny it!

Let's join the link up party!

By the way, I cleaned my camera some more and the spot is not there any more.  It's weird because I cleaned it thoroughly...I guess I freaked and just put it away thinking of repair costs :(
(Please insert a big relief here!)


  1. Thanks for joining in! I love the "seedless" look :)

  2. They look great Claudia! That's awesome you did both projects :) ~Stephanie

  3. Hi Claudia,
    What fun projects! I love the watermelon coasters.
    Yay for getting the spot off the camera lens! Big relief.

    To answer your question about dogs, I like them but would not own one. I do not like the concept of having to pick up their poop or having to be home at a certain time to let him/her out so there are no accidents. With kitties, I can go away for a weekend and they are fine with extra food, water and an extra poopy box!

  4. Great work - and what a wonderful "arm model" you have!!!!

  5. Both projects turned out wonderful! :)


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