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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Once he said I do...and I did too.

You know when you hear a song and pay attention the the lyrics?  Well this is our song, my husband's and mine. I made it ours.  It talks about sharing, the ups and downs and best of all at the end of the day a love story is still being written. 

This is a song in Spanish but I did my best to translate in hopes you get the feeling. To me it sounds like a poem.

When you kiss me the way you do,when I kiss you the way I do
It's like discovering heaven full of surprises.

From January to December, be it sunny or be it Spring
I find everything in you, everything that my heart desires.

Living is the least of things if we walk hand in hand.
While we are together who cares if we have failed
Sometimes I forgive you, sometimes you forgive me
What matters is that at the end of the day we keep writing our love story.

I share with you my days, I share with you my dreams
I share with you hours, I share with you my time
Rainy mornings and sleepless nights

I share with you my song, my craziness my everything

I share with you my fears along with my smiles
Who cares if life goes by in a hurry
What matters is that I love you just as you love me
If my eyes close at night, let it be on your bed.

 Once he said I do...and I did too.
Today is our 14th year anniversary.


  1. Happy Anniversary Claudia! 14 years? That is wonderful. Jim and I have been together for almost 3 now and I look foward to continuing to write that love story too. :)

    1. Thank you Miss Val, I am glad your are writing your love story too! You good a good man he cooks!!


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