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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Storefronts for March week 4

This is the last Thursday in March and this is not a storefront, but rather the back of a store on the Harvard District here in Down town Hemet.  It is an empty rental space.  My husband and me love it!  every time we drive by this place we dream of one day having a rental space for what?? I don't know, a coffee place? a place to sell my handmades? I don't really know we just dream.  There is nothing wrong with that!  This is a much larger place that the one up on the mountain.  I just love the looks of it, the old wooden frame and that wonderful brick wall.  A girl can dream right?

Today I want to share a quick story.  When I was a single gal and was working at the school, I bought my first car.  In order to pay for it and and not be broke all the time I also had a part time at a Christian Bookstore. On one of those days that I was broke (even after having two jobs I still had those days)  If I recall correctly It was a Saturday I only had like five or six dollars on me and it was lunch time, I was hungry but also was craving for a sundae.  I had to make the tough decision between buying a burger combo or a delicious sundae.  
I went for the Sundae and didn't regret it all, I enjoyed it greatly and knew I had made the best decision.  
A girl has to treat herself once in a while right?
Now every time I eat ice cream those memories come to my mind.

It's the little things that you enjoy best in life, isn't it??

Have you ever had to make a tough decision burger or sundae??


  1. I hope you have the shop space you and your husband want someday. Dreams can always come true if you stay focused. :) Great story about the sundae. I would have made the same choice. You got your dairy fix that day with plenty of calcium!

  2. How about a coffee, sundae, book and handmades shop? It would definitely be unique!

  3. Oh but you have to get the place with your husband, make it a coffee shop and you can sell handmades there too! Oh and run knit and natter groups etc!! And everything could be crocheted, the coasters, placemats, mug warmers!!! I agree the shop is so so cute! We don't really see shops like that in the UK.

    And as for the slushie, I totally think you made the right choice!!! I often do this with Chai Lattes at the moment!


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